Balance Your Hormones With The ORIGINAL CLEANSE

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ONE TIME OFFER: This is your ONLY chance! Upgrade to a QUEEN KIT™ (includes a Castor Oil Pack with 500mL of Organic Castor Oil, a Beauty Sleep Eye Kit™, PLUS Eau de Throne™ - After you poo Perfume, AND a Grateful Dung™ Bracelet). You will also get 3 FREE E-BOOKS. ($180 value!)

Here's What You Get:
  The legendary Castor Oil Pack Bundle including an organic cotton compress & 500mL of 100% organic castor oil (Regularly $60)
  The Beauty Sleep Eye Kit™ including 100mL of organic Cosmetic Castor Oil, an organic cotton eye mask, & a double-sided eyebrow & eyelash brush  (Regularly $40)
  Know Your Poo E-Guide - a must-have for anyone who wants to save time and take charge of their health (Regularly $20)
  Gut Feelings E-Guide - so you can learn more about digestive health (Regularly $10)
  21 Castor Oil Recipes for Hair, Skin, & Nails (Regularly $10)
  OR UPGRADE: To receive 2 more products (Eau de Throne™, an all-natural spray full of essential oils, and the Grateful Dung™ Bracelet, a gratitude practice tool). The tools that complete the kit for only $19.99! (Regularly $40)
Your Cost Today:
Only $140 $109.99
 Does all that you’ve said it would and more! I would have never known and been hopeless if it weren’t for you to create and educate! Affordable and simple too!
— Queen of the Thrones™ customer
It’s that time of year again, we’ve indulged and celebrated over the holidays and we’re ready for a fresh, healthy start this new year - or shall I say, this new DECADE. We know there might be a few occasions where we have stuffed our faces, had a few too many and rolled into [and out of] bed not feeling the best. Our hormones get thrown out of whack. ’Tis the season!

Instead of feeling it the next day, or worse - feeling perpetually hungover, foggy brained and fatigued all year long… 

If there was a way to LOOK & FEEL BETTER every day, would you practice it? Not only after the holidays, but every day?

Well, What if it Was...

QUICK & EASY - only taking 2 minutes before bed

A CLEANSE while you sleep -  as a standalone cleanse, or enhance any other cleanse you're doing!

DEEP HEALING - the original cleanse loved by the greats like Hippocrates the Father of Medicine, Galen the Greek Medicine Man, Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors of the Dynasties, Cleopatra, Jesus Christ and many more...

Your body is just like a chemistry lab, and it simply needs the right catalysts in order to transform your health.

Adopting this practice will help you take your health into your own hands so you can LOOK & FEEL BETTER! Naturally, of course. 

Clean as a whistle, calm as a butterfly in its cocoon. All because you have easily and naturally enhanced what your body is meant to do - CLEAN and HEAL

It’s called the ORIGINAL CLEANSE and it’s as easy as wearing a castor oil pack over your liver and an eye mask with the oil to bed.

Why Does a Castor Oil Practice Help Balance Hormones? Watch This Short Video to Find Out!

A 2-Minute Hormone-Balancing Routine

The best part? This calming self-care practice only takes 2 minutes before bed and works it’s magic while you drift away into Dreamland and the best sleep of your life.

The ancients all knew that when you achieve a relaxed state, like one in a deep sleep or meditation, your body can naturally clean and heal. Therefore you:

Poop Better
Sleep Better
Cleanse Better & Balance Hormones
Bloat Less and Digest Better
Stress Less and Live Better

With the addition of castor oil, you get multiple benefits that you can’t get with meditation or sleep alone!

So here is my gift to you... You can choose the Original Cleanse Package which includes the following:

Castor Oil Pack Bundle: Includes certified organic Queen of the Thrones™ heat-less, less-mess, 3-step castor oil pack and 100% pure, certified organic, hexane-free, cold-pressed, extra virgin castor oil in 500 ml glass bottle ($60).

Beauty Sleep Eye Kit: Includes organic cotton Queen of the Thrones™ eye mask, 100 ml glass bottle of cosmetic castor oil and double ended eyelash/eyebrow applicator brush ($40).
Get started on the right foot, and get these special BONUSES too: 

Know Your Poo E-Book: A must-have for anyone looking to save time on their health! This book details Dr. Marisol’s 11 characteristics A.K.A. ‘Golden Nuggets’ to help you analyze what your poo can tell you in terms of nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, digestive issues and more (regular $20).

Gut Feelings E-Guide: Find out what the best supplements are to heal your gut and what you can do to get good gut feelings (regular $10).

The 21 Castor Oil Recipes for Skin, Hair & Nails E-Guide: The ultimate at-home recipe book for cosmetic castor oil use (regular $10).

Normally the value is $180 - but get it all now for only $109.99 + free shipping! Or save EVEN MORE with the offer below.


For only $19.99 you can upgrade your package to include EVERYTHING listed above PLUS the following:

Eau de Throne™: The all-natural and medicinal After You Poo Parfum™. Carefully selected organic essential oils not only cleanse the air but calm your digestive system so you can cleanse, too! Just poop, peek, and perfume! (regular $20).

Grateful Dung™ Bracelet: Our beautiful Tiger's Eye stone and Black Obsidian dung beetle bracelet. Not only a symbol of your health journey but a reminder of the ideal stool colors. It includes an easy meditative practice to follow before eating so you can ease your body into your meal and digest better (regular $20).

These add-ons are worth $40 (not to mention the value they will add to your cleanse)! But with this one-time offer you can upgrade your Original Cleanse package to a Queen Kit (+ 3 free e-books) for ONLY $19.99 + free shipping! A special gift for you to help you get started!

Seeing is Believing!

As a naturopathic doctor, I love shiny bells and whistles, the modern techniques. But I have found that even more effective are the traditional practices that have proven themselves time and time again, and are now being backed by science!

What I’m sharing with you here was the cleanse of choice that has its roots in every culture, every form of medicine, since the beginning of evolved man! It has withstood the test of time.
Okay I am amazed with The Original Cleanse!! I was sooo bloated and I’ve used it now for 4 nights and I can’t believe how much my bloat is down like cannot believe it!!! Thank-you! I’m honestly blown away, I’ve tried everything and so many things aren’t as simple and natural as this, this is amazing! I am sooo happy!
- Queen of the Thrones™
Thank-you. Who would have thought something so simple could have such a huge impact?
- Queen of the Thrones™ customer
 I tried a personal experiment once I got my pack. Every morning I measure my HRV which tells me if I’m in the parasympathetic or sympathetic state. I put the pack on for 7 days and then off for 7. Each week I do the pack, my HRV is in the green all 7 days. The week I’m off, I’m in the yellow and green. Not sure what the oil is doing to my CNS but so far it’s showing it in the numbers each morning I take my reading.
- Queen of the Thrones™ customer
I am loving mine [castor oil pack]!!! Does all that you’ve said it would and more! I would have never known and been hopeless if it weren’t for you to create and educate! Affordable and simple too!
- Queen of the Thrones™ customer
This practice is the ORIGINAL CLEANSE, a way to activate your body’s most natural functions to cleanse daily!

Simply by optimizing it’s natural abilities in an inexpensive, time-saving way. Everything that you’re currently doing including supplements, diet, meditation, EVERYTHING - will work better and faster.

Look, maybe you’re thinking about doing a cleanse this year? Your friends have all done them and LOVED THEM... But they have scared you off. Cleanses sound too good to be true! Too much hell to go through and simply too much work. Plus, you don’t have the time for it!

So you’ve written cleanses off as being only for Hollywood starlets that have oodles of money, loads of time on their hands, with their only worry being how good they look and feel. 

And how could you possibly do it? There is no way... Not with your busy life!

But you can - and YES, with your lifestyle, it is possible! Especially if you have a little bit of FAITH.

Look, CLEANSING is the most natural of functions. It’s actually your God given right. It’s how our bodies heal.

If you want to feel better, look better and overall live better, no matter how indulgent you are at any time of the year… Cleansing is about learning and adopting daily practices that work with your true nature; that enhance what your body is naturally meant to do

There is an old saying,

The doctor dresses the wound and nature heals it.

This is what the ORIGINAL CLEANSE technique helps you to do. Dress your liver and your eyes with a compress, and allow nature to do the real work.

Why Do We Wear The Compress Over Our Liver? Find Out Now!

Castor Oil Also Gives You So Many Added Benefits

  • ​A boost of oxytocin, the love and connection molecule that naturally supports weight loss by reducing appetite and decreases our stress hormone (cortisol)
  • ​Supported digestive function (less bloating, better nutrient absorption, regular bowel movements)
  • Decreased inflammation
  • ​Enhanced antioxidant levels of glutathione, nitric oxide, essential fats, vitamin E, and many other graceful-aging nutrients
  • ​Improved melatonin levels (the very best antioxidant that helps with prevention of hormone based cancers, simply by wearing an eye mask)
  • ​Stimulation of dopamine (our feel good neurotransmitter)
  • ​Reduction of substance P in the body (reduced sensation of pain)
  • ​Activation of the parasympathetic state so you are more relaxed and resilient
All of these amazing benefits are clinically practiced, time honoured and backed by science

You may already be doing some of the traditional cleansing practices; perhaps you sauna, dry brush, eat the right foods, supplement with the right vitamins and minerals, or you’re about to do your yearly cleanse! Great! Good for you... Keep on going! But it’s time to make it all work better and faster with the missing link that is the ORIGINAL CLEANSE.
What we know is that to activate your natural cleansing superpower, there is a SWITCH that we need to turn on.
That switch, like turning on a light, immediately shifts your body into the relaxed state. A state where your sleep is uninterrupted, it’s deep so your body can CLEAN and HEAL, every day. Not only those times you get a good night's sleep.
It literally is a switch, and you’ve been feeling how you’ve been feeling because you haven’t learned how to turn on your healing light.

Let’s do that now. Time for you to LOOK & FEEL BETTER THAN EVER! I’m inviting you to...
Step 1: Dress your liver! It’s as easy as 1-2-3, C-O-P!
Just wear an old T-shirt to bed and, voilà! Let the pack work its magic while you sleep.

Step 2: Dress your eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes with organic Queen of the Thrones™ Cosmetic Castor Oil

This helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and enhances growth of lashes and brows. Then place the mask over your eyes when you go to bed to help boost melatonin.

Step 3: Go to bed!

Finish up your nighttime routine and jump into bed ready for a deep, regenerative, healing and cleansing sleep.

If you decide to UPGRADE your Original Cleanse Package, you will also get to spray your bedroom and bathroom with Eau de Throne™ and allow the organic essential oils to calm your digestion AND practice a gratitude meditation before bed with your Grateful Dung™ Bracelet. The missing tools you need to help your de-stress and really SUPERCHARGE your cleanse!
Wondering how to Use the Beauty Sleep Eye Kit? Watch this Short Video!
Remember, at your own pace, you will:
  • Poop better
  • Sleep better
  • ​Cleanse better
  • ​Bloat less and digest better
  • ​Stress less and live better
Let’s take action to allow your supernatural cleansing power to ignite. I invite you to start your Original Cleanse nightly practice that takes only 2 minutes to prepare, and get some sweet sleep to reap all the benefits!

This is what I want to share with you. This is the one practice that I have ALL of my patients do, and that I want YOU to start this year to help you through the holiday season. Plus it will launch you into the new decade where you FEEL BETTER more often than not.

It really is the ORIGINAL CLEANSE.

What if you've already signed up for another cleanse? Perfect! No problem, adding this into the mix only helps your cleanse work better and faster. Your experience will be seamless, reducing any or all cleansing symptoms! How great is that?

So, will you choose the Original Cleanse Package and get:
Castor Oil Pack ($60) + Beauty Sleep Eye Kit ($40) + Know Your Poo E-Guide ($20) + Gut Feelings E-Guide ($10) + 21 Castor Oil Recipes ($10)
For only $140 $109.99! (+ free shipping)

OR will you choose the Original Cleanse Package UPGRADE and get:
Castor Oil Pack ($60) + Beauty Sleep Eye Kit ($40) + Eau de Throne™ ($20) + Grateful Dung™ Bracelet ($20) + Know Your Poo E-Guide ($20) + Gut Feelings E-Guide ($10) + 21 Castor Oil Recipes ($10)
For only $180 $19.99 more! (+ free shipping)

Naturally rebalance your body while you sleep with these simple yet powerful health tools!

Fortune favors those that have faith and take a step forward!

Click "Back to Top" and make your decision! Be sure to check off "YES! I WANT TO UPGRADE FOR ONLY $19.99!" if you want ALL the missing tools for the ultimate cleanse!
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
** Available to U.S. residents only **
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